Healthy Benefits of Coconut Oil for Children

June 5, 2014 10:15 pm0 commentsViews: 167

coconut oil for children

Coconut oil has taken its distinct place in kitchens for its nutritional values. This oil has countless nutritional values and that’s what makes it stand apart from rest of the vegetable oil. The rich aroma and the taste of the food prepared in coconut oil is really different and the tang of the food is exceptionally mouthwatering. Not only for cooking, because of the medicinal value of the oil, it is even used for the benefits of children.

Coconut oil represents itself as the most nourishment oil which can be used on a child’s skin. The oil is used to massage whole over the body before or after bath. The structural molecule of oil is organized in such a way that it can restore damaged or unhealthy skin.It is also a fact that coconut oil is a kind of fat and that’s the prime reason why it is included in children’s diet. Adequate amount of fat is always necessary in the growth and development of a child. The essential vitamins and nutrients from the cooked food is absorbed by the child which in turnhelps him to remain healthy. The oil is pure with no additives and so that only aids digestion and the child is to gain the complete nutritional value of the food they consume. When children consume nutritional valued food, naturally the cells and muscles will be strong and eventually boosts metabolism. The oil is converted into an organic compound called ketones which enhances the growth and development of brain. So a balanced varied diet of edibles cooked with coconut oil is sure to promise a fit and healthy child.

Now coming to its medicinal values, the coconut oil has many medicinal benefits.This is one of the best nourishing oil that can be applied to children and adults in tandem. The molecular organization of the oil helps easy absorption by the skin and penetrates into the cell structure of the connective tissues. This means that the oil exactly has the ability to reinstate a damaged skin. Unlike other moisturizing lotions, the coconut oil gives you better result in healing skin. Regular use of the oil on a child’s skin prevents him/her from skin diseases and allergies. Children are mostly prone to skin disease such as eczema. When applied, the oil acts as a gentle moisturizer and relieves itchiness and dryness. Being natural and addictive free, there is no question of chemical reaction in your little ones body.If applied on a bruise or cut, the oil prevents the wound from outside dust particles and viruses. It also swiftly starts its healing process than any other ointments and gives quick relief to the child, leaving no scar behind. The oil also helps in eliminating cradle cap by just rubbing on the dry scalp. Apart from this, coconut oil is also used for rashes, acne ear infection etc.

These are some of the benefits provided by coconut oil for children. Apart from the myriad benefits it provides, the natural coconut oil is affordable to all kinds of people and easily available in all shops. In this world, where every medicine has lot of side effects, why not we rely more on natural product like coconut oil as a relief to the ailment? Think about it, use natural oil and stay natural and healthy.
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