50 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

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There are two main types of coconut oil on the market. Either can be used for any of the purposes recommended here, but the best to choose is unrefined:


Refined, also called “expeller pressed.” This type of coconut oil doesn’t smell or taste like coconut oil. The refining process takes out some of its nutrition, so while it is useful, it isn’t as effective as unrefined coconut oil.


Unrefined, also called “virgin” or “extra virgin.” This type of coconut oil hasn’t going through the refining process and retains its taste and smell. In cooking, it will produce a minor coconut flavor. If you apply it externally, you will get a slight scent of coconut. It retains all its nutrition, so it is more effective than the refined oil. For the very best quality, search for non-GMO organic extra virgin coconut oil.


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